Tablet coating defects Remedies


  • Erosion of core tablets, high friability and hygroscopic ingredients.
  • If film coating formulation is poor.
  • Tablets are too wet.
  • Improve core strength, reduce friability, take care of hygroscopic ingredients.
  • Use DLPL tablet coating material.
  • Adjust temperature to a bit higher with regular spray rate.

Film cracking

  • Excess heating of tablet core.
  • Film coating with less mechanical strength.
  • Plasticizer content in coating material is too low.
  • Avoid high bed temperature.
  • Use DLPL tablet coating material.
  • Increase plasticizer concentration/use DLPL tablet coating material.

Picking & sticking

  • Spray rate is high/uneven.
  • Solid concentration is low.
  • Drying air volume & temperature is low.
  • Slow pan speed and inadequate load.
  • Adjust spray rate.
  • Use DLPL coating material.
  • Adjust gun to bed distance, increase airflow and temperature.
  • Apply proper loading & increase pan speed.

Orange Peel

  • High spray rate.
  • High solid concentration in coating material.
  • Coating solution is too viscous.
  • Too low air pressure.
  • Decrease rate of spray.
  • Use customised product from DLPL.
  • Use low viscosity product from DLPL.
  • Increase air pressure & optimise.


  • Tablet surface is flat.
  • High spray rate.
  • Low pan speed & air pressure.
  • Spraying gun distance is not proper.
  • Better to change tablet shape., if possible.
  • Reduce spray rate.
  • Increase pan speed & atomization air pressure.
  • Set gun to bed distance properly.

Logo bridging

  • Plasticizer content is too low.
  • Low inlet temperature/air pressure.
  • High spray rate.
  • Coating with low adhesion.
  • Use customised product from DLPL.
  • Increase inlet temperature/air pressure.
  • Reduce rate of spray.
  • Choose high adhesion product from DLPL.

Surface erosion

  • Tablet core friability is high
  • Film strength is low
  • High pan speed.
  • Low spray rate.
  • Hygroscopic ingredients
  • Low solid concentration material.
  • Optimise core friability.
  • Use customised product from DLPL.
  • Reduce pan speed.
  • Increase rate of spray.
  • Reduce hygroscopic material.
  • Use customised product from DLPL.
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