Enteric Coating

Enteric coating is a special layer applied to uncoated tablets that controls where the fill contents of the tablet are absorbed in the digestive system. We offer a range of aqueous and non-aqueous coating material to prevent the formulations from gastric fluid in the stomach and release the drug component in the intestinal region. These fully formulated coatings are in dry powder mix (customise also available).


Product Specification Recommended Solvent System
Non Aqueous Enteric Film coating
(Weight gain->8.0 to 9.0 %)
Non Aqueous System
IPA : 100% (w/w)
(8 times of Powder Weight)
READYCOAT EZE Aqueous Enteric Film coating
(Weight gain->8.0 to 9.0 %)
Aqueous System
DM Water : 100% (w/w)
(4 times of Powder Weight)

Diclofenac Sodium , Ketoprofen , Indomethacin , Para-Amino- Salicylic Acid , Omeprazole, Pantaprazole , Rabeprazole ,Esomeprazole , Lansoprazole , Bisacodyl, Bisacodyl Docusate , Sodium, Sodium Valporate, Pancreatin , Aspirin , Doxilamine, Succinate, Serrationpeptidase and Pantoxifyllin.

Powder : 15/20/35 Kg. in HDPE Drums with double polyethylene linings.
Liquid : 35/60 Kg. in HDPE Carboys.

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